Professional, Private and confidential Psychotherapy and Counselling

A safe environment based in either Finchley N3 or Highgate N6. With easy access to underground and bus routes

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We can help you with:

Feelings of  depression, stress, anxiety
Losses, such as bereavement, divorce or
Low self-esteem, lack of confidence or
Being involved in unsatisfactory or destructive
Feelings of loneliness and sadness
Lack of purpose in life
Sexuality and gender confusion
Problems at work
Parenting difficulties
Family conflicts
Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting feelings
Feeling stuck and unable to move on

What we do

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Although psychotherapy and counselling can, to a certain extent, be thought of as interchangeable there are some different ways to think about the two methods that you may find helpful.

Counselling tends to concentrate on specific problems or issues. It usually takes place once a week and can be short term, that is around twenty sessions, or last a number of years. There is often a defined focus to the work and, although other themes may develop, the work tends to revolve around the key issues first presented during the initial sessions.

Psychotherapy tends to look at more deeply entrenched problems over a wider area of your life. It is quite common to come to therapy with a specific problem only to discover, when it is looked at more analytically, that it has permeated other areas of one's life and is having a greater effect than previously appreciated. Psychotherapy tends to take place two or three times a week and can last for many years.

However, there are certain basic characteristics which are common to both approaches. The sessions will take place in the same room, at the same time each week and last for fifty minutes. We will listen carefully to your story in a non-critical, non-judgemental manner. "Solutions" will not be offered but we will work with you to identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour or thought processes so as to allow you to find more creative, satisfying ways of living your life - ways that work for you rather than trying to impose a particular strategy. Both psychotherapy and counselling will help you to learn more about yourself and how you relate to other people as well as how you relate to yourself. This increase in self knowledge is often fundamental to facilitating any sort of positive change.